Tuesday, August 30, 2016

the times, they are a changin

i had big plans to post before and after photos of our house. clearly after living here for over a year it became less and less of a priority. but the kitchen was probably the most dramatic change of all.

 these are our first set of baby chicks that nero would later massacre. rip.
 we had a lot of fun this summer, filled with sunshine and battered food.
 em started riding poncho, our pony, more. she got to the point where she could ride on her own!
 like every child in america, em has a small obsession with iphone apps that make her look like animals.
 due in november!
first round making kimchi, it reminded me of when my mother would do this. i don't think a whole lot of people make their own anymore, i really liked it and the control it gave me in flavors.
 during the summer, jse decided one day that he would conduct his own camp which really involved kids playing outside until it got too hot, coming in to cool off, and then going back outside again.
 we dropped in on lesley's week long stay at hyatt lost pines this summer. it was as close as we got to the beach.
 of course we were out on our boat a lot. em is starting to learn how it works. it occurred to me that we definitely have the ugliest boat on lake waco, but our view and enjoyment of it is the same.
 em and el dressed up like super heroes on her birthday.
 we took a trip to charleston, it was very fun even though i was starting to get big. this was outside of sean brock's husk.

 other children don't mind getting wet in the rain. this one wants to be prepared.
 we went on a echols family trip to colorado, this was outside of the train that we rode from silverton to durango.

 em continues to write letters to dogs. this was to kudu, a sick puppy in charleston. he has since felt better.
 this day, em decided to cover herself in accessories and shoes at the store. i sold three pairs of ankle boots the next day.
 she started kindergarten! she is doing great, loves her teacher and has smart, sweet kids in her class.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

march of times

em fell out of jeremy's truck on the way to school one day. she didn't have a nose to break her fall so even got scraped on her lip.
 a crazy hot chocolate with a giant marshmallow
 in the middle of february we got chicks! they were cute for a week or so and then started resembling tiny buzzards with a disease.
 em is officially reading.
 look how cool el kim is looking. a korean person, looking at this photo, would immediately think he should become a "talent".
 em now instinctively puts on her sunglasses. it's real cute, adult behavior.

wouldn't it be nice

we hosted a gingerbread house making event, the houses were kind of a disaster but think everyone had fun
 em's first choir performance, her eyes were glued on me the whole time
 riding off into the sunset in our adopted atv
 every day she is at least 7 different kinds of animals. at bath time she decided to be a mouse with a friend bear named canny.
 the inimitable percival lafer
 finally figured out my doppelganger. my body is exactly like popeye's
 jse went to the open carry rally on new year's day
 and speaking of, an intriguing habit called "almost but not quite"

almost to the garbage but not quite.
 almost to the trash can but not quite.
 almost to the hamper but not quite. at first i thought it was a joke, and then i took serious offense to it, like a slap in the face. now having completed the cycle of grief i just pick it up and move on.
 i tried making a "healthier" hot chocolate this winter. but it ended up always looking like this.
 my level of patience reached a new low, i could not even stop to have my hair process. this is what i would like to refer to as "rock bottom". i have since changed my ways.
 we went skiing, em had a breakdown in ski school but she had a great time skiing with jse.

road map to success

night rider
 getting this thing poured was extremely dramatic.
 but we got it done right before the rain.
 my favorite deodorant, i stop to take a whiff several times when i'm working out.
 we became a little obsessive over the orange julius after jeremy discovered a recipe that he hid when he was a teenager.
 em started dressing herself for bed
 a christmas day ghost
 wall collage 2.0
 my dad looking alarmingly similar to a communist.
 em wouldn't sit next to santa but did agree to take a photo
 fun at an enormous jungle gym in san antonio